Höstens att-göra-lista

Jag frågade några av mina elever vad de gör på hösten. Några har svarat vad de tycker om att göra.

Några har nämnt saker de måste göra, men kanske inte alltid tycker om!

I asked some of my students to share their to do / bucket / don’t do enough lists for fall, in Swedish.

One way to help reinforce vocabulary learning is to use both brain halves by making a little sketch in connection to learning the word. You can also draw the word itself (use fancy letters) instead of using your regular handwriting – which I’m sure is fancy though; but you know what I am after!

You find some must-do’s in my drawing.

More activities suggested by my students include:

spela golf – play golf

fixa trädgården – take care of the garden

läsa en bok – read a book

dricka te – have tea

promenera med hundarna i skogen – walk the dogs in the forest

använda reflex – use reflectors

byta däck – change tires

Har du fler förslag? / Further suggestions?

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