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You have probably landed on this site because you are looking for a convenient way to learn Swedish or to improve it. You want to study in a smart, fun and efficient way with highly personalized Swedish lessons and focus on YOU – and only you. To put it simply – you want to learn in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Perhaps you have studied Swedish – in theory – but don’t feel 100% comfortable speaking it.  You might possibly even be pretty fluent but want to expand your vocabulary and take it beyond fika-talk, or you are a happy and curious novice when it comes to the Swedish language and want to learn NOW!

I am here to help you learn, online. Together we will set goals and work towards them using a variety of materials and resources; most of it easily accessible online. We will make use of Swedish media, music and videos not only to learn the lingo but also to throw in the very important culture, which has a high impact on the language (and vice versa), and on the sense of belonging and being part of a culture/group/heritage.  The feedback you will receive is instant. And yes, we use study books too, depending on your level of Swedish.

My job is not only to teach but to inspire and coach you to learn and use Swedish.  I put great care and effort into finding the right material and designing the lessons; making sure to vary the input employing different media and senses for maximum learning. The classes are individual and fully tailor made to suit your needs and interests.

You decide how many classes you want to take, and how often. Conversation twice a week? A 60 lessons Kick-start Swedish course? Perhaps you want an intensive course preparing for a job interview in Swedish?

In short; I provide individual online Swedish classes via Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet – fully tailor made. You or your child can take the class from anywhere in the world – as long as you have a decent internet connection. Swedish lessons for companies can also be held at the workplace or in the home of the employee, depending on duration and location.

Want to know how I have helped others?

Again, why would Swedish with Globatris suit you?

Well, you

  • feel you don’t get enough practice to SPEAK Swedish
  • want highly personal and personalized lessons
  • want to save time on traveling to class
  • need flexible hours
  • need conversational Swedish
  • have a busy schedule
  • travel a lot
  • want a native speaking tutor
  • are at home with small children
  • want to learn/practice what you have use for Skype Swedish class
  • want your children to learn/stay fluent
  • are looking for Swedish lessons for your employees

Contact Charlotta@globatris.se today and you might have your first class tomorrow!

A popular arrangement is lessons twice a week via Skype.

Contact charlotta@globatris.se if you are interested in other solutions for learning Swedish than online – at your workplace; in your home; as a group of friends/parents etc.

38 thoughts on “Lessons”

    1. Hej! Du kan boka en lektion via mejl: Charlotta (at) globatris (for) com
      Med vänlig hälsning, Charlotta

    1. Hej! You can sign up for the e-mail letter in which I provide tips for learning Swedish. You can also follow the Globatris Facebook, and check the website regularly.

  1. Hi charlotta
    Hi my name is gary ,I very interested in learning svenska on Skype,i been here 3 years my svenska not good infact bad!!!!!!!
    Skype sounds great way to learn, can you email to find out more
    tack gary…..

  2. I am an assylum seeker and want to learn swedish ASAP, so that i may be able to communicate while in sweden. its not easy when your background is english, Is it a free opportunity here with Swedish with Globatis AB? Thank you,

    1. Hej George! I have sent you an email with information on Swedish lessons and pricing/ Med vänlig hälsning Charlotta

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  4. Hej Charlotta!
    Jag heter Are och skulle fråga dig om att vilka krav du har för att jag kunna få lära mig och träna mer med svenska språket.
    Jag kan nästan språket men behärskar inte den och har svårt med att hålla mig med när folk pratar flyttande och det behöver jag för att kunna klara mig i fortsättning av livet här med de som är kunniga i språket och behärskar.

    Med vänlig hälsning

    1. Hej Alaa
      Nej, lektionerna i svenska är inte gratis. Kostnaden för en månad beror på hur många lektioner du vill ha. Jag har skickat dig ett mejl. Med vänlig hälsning Charlotta

  5. Hej Charlotta!

    Jag behöver att lära mig liten mer svenska och skulle gärna ha mer informationen om din tjänst och priser självklart! Jag ser fram till ditt mejl.

    Med vänliga hälsingar,

    1. Hej Eric! Du hittar ett svar om lektioner i svenska, och hur jag kan hjälpa dig, i din mejlbox! Med vänlig hälsning Charlotta

  6. Hej!

    Jag är intresserad av att träna på prosodi och uttal. Kan du skicka priserna för sådana lektioner?


  7. Hej,

    Jag titta på lessons for mina barn. De är 15 och 12 år gammal. Just nu har de en lektion per veckor med en bra lärare på Teems men det kostar mycket pengar. Vi har contract till December.

    Hur mycket kostar det for två barn × 2 lektioner veckor = 4 lektionen per veckor?
    Två barn x 1 lektion veckor = 2 lektioner

    Våra modersmål är Engelska men vi bor i Sverige.

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