Who am I?

I am Charlotta – easy to pronounce if you are a native Swede like me. If not; I am here to help!

I teach and inspire people all around our Globe to speak Swedish comfortably, as well as provide orientation and support to expatriates. I motivate, tutor, challenge, mentor, coach, push, connect and make sure it is fun to learn! My passion? Words and languages; people and exploring new places. I believe in the power of constantly learning new things – for convenience, for stepping up, for fighting ignorance and to keep our brains fit.
I started out as a language teacher and moved into the corporate world of figures and suits. I kept grabbing and creating teaching opportunities, however the “languages” were of a different kind. When I expatriated I learnt the value of being able to quickly and conveniently acquire a foreign language. Babies and toddlers, work and relocating did not leave much room for going to regular language classes – I was dependent on private tuition, in my home.

Globatris - Swedish teacher

I saw a lack in opportunities for easy accessible language acquisition – how do you find time to learn when your schedule is full or highly irregular? How do you do it when you are unable to travel to a class? After having been back in Sweden for four years following the 5-year-long sojourn abroad, I embarked on my journey as a location independent business owner. I founded Globatris in 2011 to meet the needs of modern, busy people looking for flexible, personal easy-to-grab Swedish language training. Globatris also provides moving abroad orientation and expatriate support – in general, and specifically when moving to Sweden or Switzerland. I am awfully fascinated by the not so obvious cultural differences and their underlying values that present enlightenment.

I hold a Degree in Master of Science in Business and Economics, to which I have added pedagogy, online teaching for adults, multilingualism and coaching, as well as intercultural communication and Swedish, English, Italian, Dutch and German – the whole lot at university level.

I would like to learn Japanese, and I’m fascinated by true stories about crossing the oceans in a tiny boat.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. hi

    I moved to Sweden in March, 2015. I have taken 1 course (intensive course) at SFI and 1 course at Folketuniversitet. Total time of study, I have studied for 2 months full time. I know very basic Swedish but I am fluently in English. I wonder if you have any class for me and what the price, and any more detail would be really appreciated

    My email: uyencua@gmail.com

    I am looking forward to hear from you

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