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Benefits of learning via Skype

Benefits of learning via Skype

Are you looking for Swedish language training in Gothenburg or Stockholm? Have you considered 1-on-1 private lessons over Skype?

Having lessons via Skype means you save time on not commuting to class. You can pick but also vary your location. I have had students doing their lessons from home, from work, from school or university, from hotels, from the tram and bus, and while taking a walk. Needless to say; from all over the world.

Another benefit is the factor of comfort. Many of my students engage with me initially because they want to become more comfortable speaking Swedish. Especially to children and teenagers I find that a known, home environment is highly positive when taking the first steps to building a relationship with a new language as well as starting with a new teacher.

Working with Skype provides means of communication not only orally but also written, and by sharing documents and links. I give my students instant written feedback (spelling, example sentences, new vocabulary) during the whole session. It’s easy to share notes, links, documents and resources, and to go back afterwards and revise.

I might just go ahead and say it. Lessons via Skype are intense. No distractions, full focus on listening and looking at the teacher and the chat log on the screen . Sometimes we shut the camera off to further practice listening comprehension.

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