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Swedish Christmas vocabulary

Christmas time is here. Again! Whether you celebrate the tradition of Christmas or not you might be interested in picking up a word or two in Swedish, related to the season.

I made and shared this poster on Swedish Christmas last year and have been asked to post it again. After all; it’s Christmas every year. 😉
This poster is free to print (you would make me happy though if you shared it or left a comment) – put it up somewhere where you make sure you lay your eyes on the words at least daily. Don’t forget to use the words!

Simply right click on the poster to print it.


Swedish christmas words
Svenska julord

Learn Swedish Free Printable Fall


Learn Swedish free printable fall

Free printable – Learn Swedish Free Printable Fall

I love the fall and the colors of this vibrant season. Last fall it inspired me to make this printable design of Swedish words connected with fall in Sweden. I decided to repost it this year. Print and frame, or pin it somewhere. Pretty to look at and if you are learning Swedish you are killing two birds with one stone (“att slĂ„ tvĂ„ flugor i en smĂ€ll”)! Just click on the picture above, right click and select print and learn new vocabulary in a different way.

It is free for you to print however it would make me happy if you posted a comment and/or paid a visit to Globatris on facebook and liked it. You can also tweet the link super duper handy here.


höst = fall
löv = leaf or leaves
varma jackor = warm jackets
Ă€pplen = apples
handskar = gloves
höstlov = fall break
blÄbÀr = blueberries
november = December – just kidding; November of course 🙂
familj & vÀnner = family & friends
skördetider = harvest times
promenader = walks
en god bok = a good book
skogen = the forrest
fÀrger = colors
lingon = lingonberries
Allahelgona = All saints
svamp = mushroom

Trevlig höst!

HöstsĂ„nger – fall songs in Swedish

HöstsÄnger kan vara ett sÀtt att lÀra sig svenska. TÀnd ett ljus, kryp upp i soffan och lyssna och mys. Försök förstÄ orden och sjung med i refrÀngerna! Du hittar en lista med förslag pÄ höstsÄnger lÀngre ned i inlÀgget.

“Höst” in Swedish means fall, or autumn. Fall is entering late this year. Some years it is even winter by now also in the southern parts of Sweden. This year however it is still meteorological summer in the south of Sweden.

However November is here, and so is the rain and the dark nights. So let’s light a candle or two, and listen to some music of the season, in Swedish of course. I have compiled a list of fall songs in Swedish. Criteria? They all contain the word “höst” in the title, except for the last ones on the list, and most of them are sung fairly clearly for you to be able to listen to the words. As usual, sing along to practice prosody! Not interested in singing but speaking 😉 ? If you need help to improve your Swedish  conversational skills go here to learn more.

Höst pĂ„ min planet – Lars WinnerbĂ€ck Lars WinnerbĂ€ck – Höst pĂ„ min planet

Höstens fĂ€rger – Mauro Scocco

Mellan sommar och höst – Marie Fredriksson

Höstvals – Tomas Ledin

Höstlegender – Masse, Petter

Innan höstlöven faller – Thorleifs

Hösten – Lisa Ekdahl

Höstlöven dansar – Nordman

Höst – Cajsa Stina Åkerström

Höstens guld – Sofia Karlsson

HöstkĂ€nning – Ola Magnell

Höstvisa – Ainbusk

Höst – Björn Afzelius

Gula höstlöv – Lasse Stefanz

Höst – Niklas Lind

Minns i november – Olle Ljungberg

November – Bo Kaspers orkester

November – Pernilla Andersson

Sjung nu med i dessa höstsÄnger! Lycka till!

Sommarpratare i P1 

Swedish lessons Skype

Dags för Ärets sommarpratare, ocksÄ kallade sommarvÀrdar! Du kan lyssna pÄ dem pÄ Sveriges Radio, P1.

Ett utmÀrkt tillfÀlle att öva svenska, och att ta del av intressanta historier.

MÄnga pratar om Sommarpratarna pÄ jobbet under fikarasterna, och med vÀnner och bekanta. DÄ Àr det bra att kÀnna till fenomenet, och kanske Àven ha lyssnat pÄ i alla fall nÄgra av dem.

Du kan ladda ned en kalender med Sommarpratarna.

Vilka ska du lyssna pÄ?

HÀr Àr en lÀnk till en engelsk introduktion 

HÀr Àr en lÀnk till programsidan 

Swedish conversation classes

Time to sign up for individual Swedish conversation classes via Skype.

Any resolutions or promises of investment in yourself for the new year? Maybe it is time to start the language lessons you have been thinking about.

There are openings daytime and evenings to start speaking Swedish. Contact charlotta@globatris.se to find out more on pricing and availability, and on how I can assist you in learning or improving your Swedish.

Maybe you want to work on your pronunciation. Perhaps you are interested in writing and want assignments or prompts followed by feedback? Or perhaps you are looking for suitcase Swedish for an upcoming trip to Sweden. Maybe you are new to Swedish.

Week numbers

In Sweden we are very fond of speaking in terms of weeks rather than dates. This can be rather confusing if you are not used to it.

“Vi Ă„ker bort vecka 10.” – we are leaving week 10

“Provet Ă€r vecka 5.” – the test is week 5

“Veckobrev v.35” – weekly letter of week 35

“AffĂ€ren Ă€r stĂ€ngd v. 29-31” – the store is closed week 29 through 31

I use a separate app to keep track of what week it is since it is not in my regular calendar.

Att dreja

att dreja = to throw/make pottery

Exempel i olika tempus:

Vet du hur man drejar?

I augusti provade jag att dreja. Jag hade inte drejat sedan jag var liten.

Jag drejade en tekopp. 

HĂ€r har det drejats i dag! 

Relaterade ord: 

en drejskiva = the turning plate used for throwing pottery

en drejare = en person som drejar 

en drejning = a throwing

att dreja bi = to slow down the speed when sailing

Att bo i Sverige – lĂ€genheter och hus

Vill du bo i Sverige? Söker du efter nÄgonstans att bo?

Det finns olika bostadsformer i Sverige. Du mÄste kÀnna till dessa.

Det finns t.ex. hyresrÀtt och bostadsrÀtt. Kan du skillnaden mellan hyresrÀtt och bostadsrÀtt?

Vad ingÄr i en hyra? MÄste du betala extra för elektricitet? Det finns mÄnga frÄgor.

Finansinspektionen har gjort ett studiematerial. HÀr kan du lÀra dig om boende. Du kan samtidigt öva svenska. Det finns filmer, text (faktablad) och övningar.

Materialet passar för att öva svenska Àven om du inte letar efter ett hus eller lÀgenhet! Du kan öva ord, att lyssna och att lÀsa en text. Du kan svara pÄ frÄgor.


Boendeformer 1.1
Boendeformer 1.2
Boendeformer 1.3

LĂ€s Faktablad

LĂ€s och svara pĂ„ frĂ„gor http://www.sfiekonomi.se/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Övningar_Kapitel_1.pdf

I spy … Swedish nouns

Learning a language should be fun. Today I played a game of I spy Swedish nouns in a Skype class with two children.  The task was to look around in the respective room for nouns starting with the letter that ended the previous word spotted. This is the chain or words we came up with; sometimes with a little help in order to acquire or figure out “new” words. I am adding the article en/ett for your convenience.

Didn’t they do great?! I challenge you to continue the chain in the comments … 🙂

en bok

en kniv

en vovve

en elefant

en tv


en nagel


ost och makaroner

en rysk flagga

en arm


en dator

ett rum

en matta

ett ansikte

en elsladd

en datormus

en soffa

en armbÄge