Audio books in Swedish

Reading in another language is often easier than listening. You read in your own pace, in your own “dialect” and you might recognize international words. Actually hearing what someone says might be a different story. But practice makes if not perfect at least … excellent practice! My advice to you is to mix your listening habits for a varied vocabulary, speed and dialects; for instance news, radio shows from casual to documentary and varied genres of literature. Start with children’s books! Did you know you can listen to children’s books via Spotify? Astrid Lindgren, other Swedish classics aswell as Barbapapa. Below you find a link to Alfons Åberg (Alfie Atkins in English, Willie Wiberg auf Deutsch). If you can’t see the link properly (since it has decided to function randomly) go to Spotify and search “ljudböcker”. 
“Raska på Alfons Åberg” 7 min

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